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Are your employers worried about rising benefit costs?

There's still time to save them money and recommend the best plans for 2023 with access to group claims data.

Small business benefits prices are expected to jump by double digits in 2023

You can help your clients fight back with small group claims data. Our newest software, Beacon by TPA Stream, will transform how you advise. 

Using Beacon, you will have detailed information about how a group uses its benefits. You will have access to detailed claims data and summary reports to help you select the best plan and save your clients money.

About TPA Stream
How Beacon Works

Get detailed insight into the advantages of Beacon 

If you're relying on IHQs and demographic data, you're missing a big piece of the puzzle—small group claims data.

Beacon securely connects to a member's portal and analyzes claims, giving you unmatched insight into the best plan for any group. And the best part is, Beacon is HIPAA and SOC-2 Type 2 compliant.

How Beacon can change how you advise during this year's Open Enrollment

  • Confidently recommend a self-funded plan based on accurate plan usage data 
  • Get access to the data needed to have small groups underwritten for stop-loss insurance
  • Use an employer's unique claims data to recommend a fully-insured plan that meets their coverage needs instead of a plan that will be under-utilized and lead to unnecessarily high premiums

About TPA Stream

TPA Stream is a healthcare software company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 2014, TPA Stream’s web-based platform services brokers, third party administrators, health plans, and financial institutions to streamline efficiencies across all aspects of employee benefits administration. Company solutions include Claims Harvesting, Employer Invoicing, and Claims & Enrollment integrations that connect directly with benefit administration systems, saving time, improving accuracy, and ensuring easier access to employee health benefits.

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Don't wait. Schedule a demo and get access to small group claims data before 2023 Open Enrollment

You could potentially save your clients hundreds of thousands of dollars this year, and win your brokerage more business at the same time.